We provide safe and secure environments, this is our speciality. East Coast Security, Safety & Training was established to provide safe environments for individuals, organisations and communities. BE SAFE BE SECURE

Crowd control

Crowd management & security is a top priority for events and venues. A large number of event staff are needed to oversee this important task. Our crowd management employees have received training in the field but are not formal law enforcement officers. They are the event staff you are likely to see at stadiums or sports arenas, music festivals, special events, festivals, golf tournaments, sporting events, raceways or convention centres. Simply put, they keep things in order and respond before an incident gets out of hand or needs mediation. Commonly known as crowd management staff, their duties vary extensively to ensure a safe and controlled event.

Hotel / Night clubs

ECS specialises in providing experienced crowd control & manpower services to Hotels/night clubs. We only employ the best in the industry so you know you’re always in capable hands. Whether you're a small Hotel/nightclub requiring 4 guards, or a large night club requiring 20 guards, ECS has the experience and personnel to protect your liquor licence, your patrons & your venue.

• ECS are experienced in managing patron intoxication levels & behaviour
• ECS are highly trained in unarmed combat & able to control situations locally
• ECS & venue supervisors are hand-picked for your specific requirements
• ECS supervisors are experienced in identifying, recognising & removing risks effortlessly

All our guards/crowd controllers are trained to respond to security risks with confidence. We are passionate about employing the right people at Hotel/nightclubs, & for that reason we don't employ guards/crowd controllers who speak poor English, have poor communication skills or unable to respond to complex situations where self-defence and reasonable force is required. If you're looking for a team of experienced crowd controllers we are the company for you!

Business / Property patrols

ECS 24/7 security service mobile patrols is used to protect property, assets and people. Often, just the regular presence of one of our mobile patrol security vehicle at your site can deter perpetrators. Our vigilant security patrol officers are a comfort to business owners & residents. We provide night and day security patrols and lock up services to a variety of small and large businesses and shopping centres. Highly visible security signage will be placed on our clients’ properties; these act as a useful 24/7 deterrent and warning to perpetrators, giving added protection to your business, additional security and peace of mind. Our security vehicles are equipped with overhead security lights, mobile telephones & two-way radio.

Events / Concerts

We don’t use heavy handed tactics, we aren’t overbearing and we aren’t there to frighten your guests. Our goal is to ensure your party is a success, avoid dangerous situations and diffuse issues before they arise. We’re also there to ensure that your neighbours don’t call in the riot squad when unruly guests start trampling on their rose garden! Our licensed and trained security guards are also covered under our Public Liability insurance policy. Without a security presence you may be leaving yourself open to possible litigation should an incident occur? However, should an issue arise while we are around, your legal liability becomes severely reduced.

When the event is over, we can assist in shutting the party down to ensure your guests move on safely. We even keep an eye on people as they leave, looking out for intoxicated guests about to get behind the wheel, people blocking roads and paths and causing dangerous traffic situations. If you are worried about uninvited people causing problems, intoxicated guests starting fights, and you’d rather enjoy the night than spending it worrying about your house or the venue being trashed, ECS is the only answer to your Party, Function and Event security needs. ECS also offers a Breathalyzer service where we can test guests before they leave the venue.


With us you will get skilled gatehouse security guards who will keep out intruders. Also imagine how safe visitors feel when they see well-dressed, smart security just at the entrance of your premises! Our gate house security services are tailored as per the security needs of our clients. Gate house security includes a lot of services, namely:-

• Drug and alcohol testing if required
• Mobile and foot perimeter patrols on a regular basis
• Exhaustive reporting of any kind of suspicious incident
• Smartly and appropriately uniformed guards
• Monitor and control of movement of visitor, personnel and vehicles to your premises
• Thorough search of vehicles and personnel if required
• Maintenance of registers and log books
• Exhaustive monitoring of CCTV surveillance if required

When visitors come to your premises, it is important to confirm their legitimacy and also to ensure that their safety and health concerns are taken care of. Hence our security officers take an extremely proactive approach in performing their duties. Only authorized visitors are issued visitor passes and allowed through the gates.

Personal body guards

ECS offers discreet personal protection on an ongoing basis or for short-term assignments. Our personal protection team is exceptionally well trained and very discreet. We offer our service locally as well internationally.

Private investigation

We offer a complete and comprehensive service commencing with a no obligation discussion to hear your requirements, and determine the best solution to achieve your desired outcome. All our investigations are conducted in an efficient, legal, and highly confidential manner. We understand that you may have concerns about your or the individuals privacy when you engage the services of a private investigator, which is why we are cautious and discreet. Your privacy is our priority. Our investigators are highly skilled in specialist areas relating to law enforcement, investigation or security. Whether your teenager is causing you sleepless nights or your company is planning a billion dollar take-over, we can get the answers you need through thorough investigation carried out by professional licenced investigators. We have female and male investigators able to investigate anything from personal relationship issues, to workplace theft, to liability matters and surveillance in almost any sphere.

• Cheating Partner (infidelity investigation)
• Missing Person (help to find someone)
• Child Custody (family Law Matters)
• Surveillance (covert investigation)
• Fraud Investigation (insurance deception, or business theft)

Secure Logistics

In an industry where trust and integrity are paramount, ECS leading role throughout the diamond and gemstone supply chain speaks volumes. Starting at mines through all the processes to polished stones, ECS has the expertise to support this ever-evolving marketplace. ECS offers management of the entire logistics process, including secure transportation from mines to dealers, polishers, manufacturers and wholesalers; shipments of rough and polished diamonds and gems to grading institutes (round trip or one way); and customs clearance and transport services.

Armed Guards - Coming Soon